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About Faxtel India


Faxtel has been in the business of IT/OA/ Telecom direct sales to

Corporates / Institutions since 1986.

Founded in 1986, Faxtel in line with its philosophy

Just a little ahead of time

has brought the best of technology to the Indian markets. Together with  Toshiba, Faxtel introduced the very first Laser fax machine in India, under  ‘Faxtel’ brand, changing the way business communication was done.

Strategic tie ups with world technology leaders, reliable and  contemporary products, dedicated support and services have made  Faxtel a trusted name in the Corporate / Institutional segment and in  consumer segment too.


  • To be recognized and grow to be a leading Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication and Healthcare Organization in India.
  • To bring to Indian offices, products of tomorrow which are technologically  most advanced and superior, reliable and cost effective, and to stay a little  ahead of time.
  • We will response successfully to the challenges of an increasingly  competitive and market driven economy and remain totally dedicated to  customer satisfaction.
  • We will develop our people in an environment and culture that attracts and  retain creative, competent, pro-active, focused and persistent professionals  who will in turn help us to fulfill our mission.
  • We will strive to identify and pursue opportunity to improve our profit on a  consistent basis to better our customer satisfaction, quality of FAXTELITES life  and to create wealth for FAXTEL AND FAXTELITE.


  • Reverence of God
  • Respect for Others
  • Dignity of Labor
  • Customer Intimacy
  • Conservation of Nature
  • Fair Business Practice
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Excellency in One’s Job
  • Personal Development & Self Discipline
  • Creation of Wealth for Faxtel & FAXTELITES through Profit making


Our business is divided into 4 verticals :

(1) Direct to Customer

  1. Direct sales of Office Automation, Telecommunication and IT products to  Corporates and Institutions.
  2. Healthcare Solutions – Our dedicated team takes care of solutions for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, laboratories and allied institutions.

(2) Customers Engineering and Support

All the products marketed / sold by  Faxtel are supported directly by our own engineers – both pre-sales and post-  sales. This is one of the reasons 70% of our business are from existing  customers.

(3) Online sales / distribution

This division focuses on marketing, sales  and support of high end niche mobiles, mobile accessories and value added  products on online.

(4)  Food Items – Beverages and Spices

Mid 2019 we have taken up distribution of tea and spices to Corporates, Retail chains and online other than foray into exports.